Mar 062015

By Robert B Young, MD

Robert B Young, MD

Robert B Young, MD

How do you help someone like Eddie Ray Routh, a troubled Marine veteran? Former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield tried and it cost them their lives. Could it have been different?

Almost all of us know that on February 2, 2013, Kyle and Littlefield took Routh to a shooting range hoping to give him some natural diversion from his service related psychological problems, as they had many times before for other stressed veterans. Routh shot and killed them both right there. Now, just over two years later, he stands convicted of their murders and faces life in prison without parole. In his defense, plenty of evidence was presented about his emotional instability and reality distortion. The jury’s conclusion was that despite all that, he still must have known he was doing wrong when he fired. Continue reading »

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Mar 042015

By John Edeen, MD

Dr. Sean Brodale presents his case for a change in the gun policy at Davis County Hospital. / Matthew Thielke (from

With the shootings of two doctors over the past year and the risk of violence against healthcare workers accounting for 10% of workplace violence, so-called gun free zones in hospitals make no sense.

Would you rather have the very same people that you trust to provide healthcare to be able to protect you and your family or allow the psychopathic murderer to be the only one who is armed?

Dr. Sean Brodale has begun the effort to reverse the policy in his hospital built on the flawed premise that criminals obey gun free zone signs.

We know that gun free zones are an attractant to those who are planning mass murder. It is immoral to leave people unable to defend themselves while guaranteeing that the criminals are the only ones who can be armed.

We at Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership support Dr. Brodale in his efforts.

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Mar 022015

By Timothy Wheeler, MD

Dr. Tim Wheeler

Dr. Tim Wheeler

The experience of learning to be a surgeon confers knowledge not only of arteries, nerves, and bones, but of human nature. In every big-city teaching hospital, every surgical intern quickly becomes familiar with what is universally called the Knife and Gun Club—frequent habitués of the emergency department’s trauma bay who land there through gunshot wounds, stab wounds, and beatings.

Career criminals frequently inflict injuries on one another in the course of drug deals gone bad, gang beefs, and all the other dramas of the criminal underclass. Their preferred weapons are firearms, knives, and the old standbys, fists and feet. Continue reading »

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Feb 202015

By Arthur Przebinda, MD


Arthur Przebinda, MD

Two years ago, guns and ammo of all kinds and flavors were scarce. Dealers were accused of price gouging and people who did not own guns up to that point were buying evil black rifles in fear that they might not be able to do so in a couple of months because of the looming specter of them being made verboten.

In the 24 months since, prices and ammo availability have stabilized somewhat. More importantly, instead of seeing endless anti-gun bills to the left, right, above and below, we’ve begun to see the needle move in the direction of protecting firearms rights:

States started passing preemption bills protecting the Second Amendment. Guam became “shall issue” and flickers of hope have glimmered in the Ninth Circuit of all places (California and Hawaii, to be specific). If only the Ninth Circuit saw things as clearly as the Florida Court of Appeal does Continue reading »

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Feb 182015

By Timothy Wheeler, MD

H.L. Mencken (from:

H.L. Mencken (from:

The U.S. District Court in Texas ruled in a summary judgment last week that the federal ban on interstate transfer of handguns is unconstitutional.

So we thought it was time to revisit a brilliant commentary from the last century on the subject, “The Uplifters Try it Again”.

H.L. Mencken was a famously acerbic columnist for the Baltimore Sun in the early 20th century. Mencken’s reputation suffered in recent decades because of some frankly racist comments, but none of that detracts from his ability to portray eternal truths about human nature.

His hilarious article resonates with the same tired clichés that today’s “uplifters”— what Mencken called the control-freak reformers of his time—still employ to persuade Americans to give up their right to keep and bear arms. Mencken wrote this amazing piece 90 years ago, which only demonstrates that some things never change.

(Hat tip to Stephen Wenger’s DUF Digest)

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