Dec 172014

[Editor’s note: Vivek Murthy was confirmed on 12/15/14 to the post of surgeon general. DRGO staff will be following developments during his tenure.]

Vivek Murthy’s nomination to be U.S. Surgeon General (SG) is back, giving us a health policy version of Groundhog Day, only so much less endearing without Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. Read more here…

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Dec 112014

By Timothy Wheeler, MD

The public health world is oblivious to the rapid evolution of firearm policy in the last 20 years. It continues to spin gun ownership as a disease, even as public opinion, legislation, and federal court decisions have with few exceptions only advanced the right to keep and bear arms. Last weekend in Massachusetts a group of gun control-friendly health policy types convened a continuing medical education conference for doctors titled “Caring for Patients at Risk for Gun Violence Medical, Legal & Ethical Issues”.

Speakers included former American Academy of Pediatrics Dr. Judith Palfrey, former AMA president Dr. Robert McAfee, and long-time anti-gun rights advocacy researcher David Hemenway. Each of these three is notable for having taken public and very passionate stands against gun rights. We reviewed Palfrey’s error-riddled CNN article some time ago in the Herald-Tribune’s blog The Gun Writer.

Boston’s NPR station WBUR covered the conference, and reporter Martha Bebinger interviewed me for DRGO’s perspective. Her story is here (text and audio).

The public health community seems unconcerned that the rest of America sees its weird, forced metaphor of “guns are a virus that must be eliminated” for what it is—a transparent attempt to ban gun ownership.

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Oct 232014

House Dems Not Letting Ebola Crisis Go to Waste

by Timothy Wheeler, MD

Three Democrat members of California’s House of Representatives delegation seem to be taking the lead in pushing for the confirmation of President Obama’s nominee for surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy. The nomination has been mired in controversy because of accusations that Murthy is more a political operative than healer, more gun control activist than infectious disease expert.

In their letter to the Senate leadership (see below), the representatives, my own Rep. Judy Chu included, are exploiting the current fears about the Ebola virus crisis to fuel a sense of urgency. They claim that Murthy’s supposed leadership would somehow help resolve the crisis.

DRGO’s open letter to Rep. Chu (see below) explains why Murthy’s confirmation would be a bad thing for America’s civil rights tradition. We view this exploitative effort by California congress members to be just another attempt to use America’s acclaimed public health apparatus as a weapon against American gun owners.

letter to Judy Chu

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